Monday, December 29, 2008

Year In Review: Love & Hate 2008

Unfortunately I wasn't able to do a Week In Review with photos this week. Mainly because I spent the last 10 days cooped up at home suffering from a bad case of cabin fever and a mild stomach flu. Within those 10 days nothing exciting happened whatsoever, thus no pictures. Since I can't fulfill my weekly rituals of a 7 day recap, I'm going to review the Year of 2008!

January 2008: Kicking off 2008 with a serious bang. Raising hell with Jannell. Sleeping with the enemy. Pretty much making poor life choices, but on a who cares fuck it kinda tip. Don't you see the devious intentions in my eyes?

February 2008: When girls go through a hard time you know what they do? They dye their hair pink and drink champagne on the weekends. Moet Mo Problems!

March 2008: I have a rule that when I'm on vacation I have to gain a mandatory 13 pounds. Spring Break was the feastivle of all feastivles. I have a special kinship with freaks of the night.

April 2008: The Engagment with the devil continues, but I decide that his lair is what keeps me. My friends warn me, but long and behold the sweet and naive heart of someone who is a serial monogamer. Wig nights are a quick remedy.

May 2008: The best day ever. High as a kite, basking in the sun, smelling flowers, rolling around in grass, and wearing a smocked vintage dress. Then bumping into your exboyfriend and finally that feeling of "over it" overcomes you and then you remember that it's not the end of the world afterall.

June 2008: Long Lives Long Beach, my favorite city. It's a little grimey and sometimes the men at bars flash you their penis, but it's ok. If you're hungry at 3am you can find a Mexican restaurant open for sure. Chorizo!

July 2008: Lucky 67! Ching birthday ever (so far), from the little I remember at least. Everyone was there. My LA faces, childhood friends, my future bf, even the red carpet. I lost a lot of things that night. $200, my green wig, my hat, my bag, and a little self respect, but that's what birthdays are for.

August 2008: So shit kinda hits the fan, but it's for the best. For as long as it lasted it needed to end the way it did. If there is one thing I've learned about men in my 24 years of life is that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, can go to the kennell and get yourself a new puppy!

September 2008: At my wits ends and totally over the idea of men. As a result I party my ass off, celebrate this thing called Thirsty Thursdays, and shake it like a poloroid picture. Moe Bar is like my Cheers and the day I decide that I'm going to switch teams I meet him...

October 2008: Ericksson is on 28th, Jeanne on 27th, and Joey on 23rd as well as Ciera and Mel. Who needs to leave the Central District when everyone is in the neighborhood. Who needs to go to the beach when you can simulate one in the living room.

November 2008: Happy Endings. Sweet Beginnings. Sometimes Sour Aftertaste. I won't admit that I'm in love because I don't want to jinx anything and I've learned from my previous relationships that professing it becomes some sort of cop out. I'm still unsure about things like fate, destiny, and the good ol' "what's meant to be will be", but for the most part I'm really happy!

December 2008: He always said he would be gone before the year ended. And off he went. My best friend and soul mate. I like to blame my new found sobriety on Ericksson's departure. A reunion awaits in the near future.

Nevermind the details. I have a love and hate relationship with 2008, but overall it was a very full year. I did a lot of editing in my life in terms of ending relationships that served no positive purpose. I also did a lot of drinking...2008 seriously raised the bar; meaning I don't fuck with anything but top shelf. I decided that if I was ever going to be happy with my life I had to continuously stay creative and avoid being dull at all costs! I did a lot of crying, shaking my head, and I felt that sunken gut feeling one too many times, but thankfully it was all balanced out with the good company, good laughs, inspiration, and support. I like to think that 2008 was my buffer/ transitional year of getting things out of my system. Getting bitterness out of my system. Getting partying out of my system. Getting doubt and drama out of my system. I mean, we all deserve a good year to fuck off especially in our early 20's, and I've redeemed my coupon for 2008.

I'm very excited for 2009. I'm a lot more positive this time around and I have everything I need to start off in the right foot. I have a family who's got my back, friends who will ride and die with me, and my very first muse who in fact also plays a dual role as my boyfriend (pretty awesome right). I love my life! And I don't do this enough, but I thank God for the many many many blessings he has showered me with! Cheers to a New Year. I wish everyone the best in love, health, and success!


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