Sunday, December 21, 2008

Week In Review: December 15th-21st

This week was a week of food, homecoming, and snow. Two of my main highlights this week was the arrival of Sunny and Syreeta! They both live in Los Angeles now and they came home to a shitload of snow. And because of the snow most of my time was spent eating and cooking. This time every year I allow myself to gain 13 holiday pounds.

Nutella and banana in a crepe with a glass of Chardonnay.

Girl's bathroom at The War Room.

Syreeta and her officer of choice. They meet again.

Reunion alas. Justine, Syreeta, me, and Jeanne.

Getting dolled up at Justine's.

Don't worry...none of us strip.

Hey girlfriend! IDK, my BFF Jeanne

Most delicious sandwich ever. Bacon, olive mayo, spinach, swiss cheese!



Love the headpiece

Fancy Christmas at The Saint

Moe Bar ambiance

Festive holiday fits

Red, white, and black...the color scheme of a lifetime.

That jacket was so comfy!

My boyfriend loves his pastries.

Self Service issue F/W '08

Chee chee tree

Breaded catfish and spinach salad.

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