Saturday, September 25, 2010

Das Racist x Mash Hall: October 1st

"I'm at a fashion party. I'm wearing fashion clothes" Haha...Das Racist and Mash Hall are having a show at The Comet. I look forward to it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Before Rachel Zoe: There Was Arianne Phillips

These days wardrobe stylists are just as famous, just as skinny, just as vain as their clients. In an industry where image is everything I guess there's a lot of pressure to be all of the above. However it wasn't always like this. Before celebrity stylists like Rachel Zoe, Mariel Haenn, Formichetti, Monica Rose graced the pages of US Weekly and sat front row at Fashion Week there was a woman by the name of Arianne Phillips- a true fashion historian, behind the seams/ scenes costume designer, and wardrobe era expert. I remember reading an article about her a few years back and was so taken by her approach to wardrobe styling and the industry in general. She's a woman who definitely does her homework. She takes it to the books, goes to the library, and digs through the archives! Below is some of her work that I'm sure you're familiar with. She also started her career as a wardrobe stylist because she had an affinity for treasure hunting/ thrift shopping.

Tank Girl

Walk The Line

People vs. Larry Flynt

Chanel Iman as Minnie Mouse

Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Monday, September 20, 2010

How I'm Really Living: My Residence

Every now and then I have people inquire on how my place looks like. Because I have everything in almost excess people assume I'm a hoarder. Correction...I'm a collector, not a hoarder. After years of treasure hunting and being completely obsessed with fashion I've gotten better on knowing the actual value of a piece, rather than focusing on its sentiment. Anyway, below are some mobile pictures of my apartment. And yes...I'm usually this clean, unless it goes down in my kitchen. Which is why I didn't post any of those photos. Enjoy!

Most of my furniture is from estate sales, Ebay, Craig's List. And gotta have Marimekko sheets.

This is technically my one bedroom, but I turned it into a closet. It's pretty amazing. Mind you I already have a walk in closet, and 2 other closets in this apartment.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Goodbye Summer: Worst Fashion Blogger Ever!

Officially the worst fashion blogger ever. I should at least try to blog twice a week, but to be quite frank "fashion" hasn't really been that exciting to me. I haven't kept up with any of the NYFW events or fashion shows, and I haven't logged into and Refinery 29 for quite some time. As a stylist I should really be on top of that stuff. Oh well. I'm not too worried about losing my credibility or fashion sense. Sometimes its better to figure trends out of your own, instead of seeing what all the designers are doing, what all the fashionistas or what the celebs are wearing. Who cares. I guess I care, just not that much...right now.

A lot of gold. A lot of black.

Live your life like a Fellini movie. Trust me, it makes everything better.

My city.

New line by Anzevino & Florence

Wore thigh high socks the other day.

Need these in my life.