Saturday, December 6, 2008

Miss Rosemary Crow: Photo Shoot With Kyle Johnson

When Kyle and I do collaborations they just seem to work. Usually I assume that the clothes I bring are going to fit the models and that it's going to match the set. We don't spend hours beforehand making sure those details are in lock. For the most part it just works. At first Kyle and I had the idea of leaning towards a more mod feel. So I picked this straighforward red/orange cuourduroy dress. The contrast of the dress with the green grass is amazing! The entire shoot ended up looking more organic than I expected.

Meet the lovely Rosaline Crow

Electrifying! The feather headpiece adds a nice touch and compliments the patterns on the hood and dress. See how it all comes together =)

The grass is just as green on the other side.

This is a more industrial shot from the set.

On our way back to the car we saw these awesome bushes!

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