Friday, December 19, 2008

Head Hunting: Kelly Cutrone & Tracy Nguyen

Some people obsess and follow the careers of heartthrobs like Emile Hirsch or Chris Brown. Some people even obsess over their favorite "it" girl like Mary Kate Olsen, Kate Moss, or your average blonde drug addict Hollywood beauty. I on the other hand have been engrossed by other figures in the entertainment/ fashion industry.

Below are two women in the fashion/ entertainment industry that I look up to. And I'm not talking about Naomi Campbell or Coco Chanel. I'm talking about women who shine behind the spotlight and make things happen. They are the true masterminds in producing what the public sees. I keep up with their careers and what they're doing and it's been very inspiring to see their empires grow. I would love to work under any of these women, even if it means I'm the girl from "Devil Wears Prada". Tracy or Kelly if you're reading this call me at 206-412-4002. =) Haha. You never know!

I used to get discouraged about pursuing my career in the fashion industry for stupid reasons of course; becoming a dime a dozen, my fluctuating weight, not having enough money or a pair of Chloe' shoes, lack of resources such as a MAC computer or a Blackberry phone, my inability to showcase my popularity and status in a bigger city such as New York and Los Angeles, and having a dreaded degree in Political Science rather than Fashion Design. But I'm starting to realize that if you want something really really bad, you can get it. After reading about Kelly Cutrone and Tracy Nguyen and their personal stories on how they made it to the top I feel a little more reassured. Mind you the excerpts below are little tidbits from Wikipedia and random interviews online. I was surprised there weren't more write ups on these amazing women.

Kelly Cutrone; Head honcho of People's Revolution, and pretty much the backbone of LA Fashion Week. Her firm specializes in fashion PR. She landed a job with Susan Blond, one of the nation's top publicists. After her term with Blond was finished she became the head of PR at Spin Magazine. Before People's Revolution she also had a firm with Jason Weinberg (publicist to Madonna, Naomi Watts, among other A-list stars). Unhappy with her position at Cutrone & Weinberg she took some time off to reflect. Couple years later she launched People's Revolution. I would love to work for this woman, pick apart her brain, and acquire some of her business skills. She quoted, "fashion is the new rock & roll", and changed her career from music to fashion. Which explains the high quality, music infused fashion shows she produces. She is also accredited for the widespread fame she has brought fashion designer Jeremy Scott. If Kelly Cutrone can lead the world to believe that french fries on a sweater is the than this woman can do anything!

Tracy Nguyen;
Happy Birthday Tracy! At 28, Tracy Nguyen is running the show from LA to NY! The Washington native went to F.I.T. and studied fashion design. She moved to New York with drive, ambition, and a go-getter attitude. In an interview she mentioned that she wasn't born rich (unlike many big wigs in the industry). To me she is the perfect example of the American Dream. Her story inspires me to work hard, play hard, and work with what you got. She has worked from the bottom all the way to the top, without any financial backup or whoring herself out by being in the spotlight. She keeps a relatively low profile, and if you do research on her online you will barely find anything on her. She is the number one reason for 5WPR's success as one of the top PR firms nationwide. She has expanded her career by starting her own PR firm called IPR and has a star client list from Pamela Anderson, Lil Kim, Kelis, Estelle, and Vibe Magazine. This woman has accomplished so much at 28! P.S. Tracy Nguyen also used to work for Kelly Cutrone and People's Revolution. How about that!

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