Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brian Lichtenberg vs. Christian Joy

I think a resourceful and tactful way to launch your career as a debut designer is by creating custom design pieces for musicians, artists, and notable celebrities. I am loving both Christian Joy and Brian Lichtenberg pieces. They are probably my two favorite designers right now as far as costume design goes. It's sparkly, colorful, and stretchy. Karen O. for Christian Joy! M.I.A. for Brian L. Pick your poison, but I love them both.

Brian Lichtenberg

Christian Joy

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Great Pacific Northwest: Photo Shoot Collaboration with Kyle Johnson

Before Kyle left for his road trip we wanted to squeeze just one more photo shoot in. For awhile now, Kyle and I wanted to do a tribute shoot to the Pacific Northwest. What better way to depict the place we know and love with things such a Pendleton plaid, tattoos, nature, wood, etc. It's very Seattle, but that is the point.

We didn't want to cast models from the agencies or anyone who was picture perfect. We wanted to show real friends, real people, raw energy and relationships on camera. So we decided to use Zach, Ivre, and Shannon. They are real life BFFS!

Photographer: Kyle Johnson
Art Direction/ Wardrobe Stylist: Osiris Navarro
Makeup Artist: Angel Dorr
Special Thanks: Katie Bailey for showcasing her jewlery "Lazer Nature", Naomi for letting us use her backyard, and our lovely models Ivre, Zac, and Shannon.

Summertime in the Pacific Northwest. Happiness and sunshine!

Shannon hanging out and rockin the Lazer Nature.

Lazer Nature earrings by Katie Bailey. She was so kind to give this pair to Shannon. Please e-mail me about any inquiries about Lazer Nature products.

My favorite piece from the collection. Wine dyed leaves. How pretty.

Plaid vests compliments of Moksha Clothing.

Those pointy shoes are so 1993 and I am so loving it.

Fly away!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Get It Girl: Mariel Haenn

I'm 25 years old, and I'm starting to feel like I need to make some serious hustler moves in the next 5 years to get to where I want to be in my career. But I don't see myself as an opportunist. I want to be the kind of girl who pays her dues, and gives respect to others before me. I guess I just want to make a little shout out/ recognition to Mariel Haenn. People always compliment Rihanna's outfits and how she looks on point, etc. Well people, you didn't think she dressed herself did you!

Check out her work at

I love the costume she designed for Ciara in the "Go Girl" video. Kinda like a sexy Terminator.

Love what she chose for Keri Hilson at the BET awards. I am not loving that hairstyle, but she had nothing to do with it!

Some critics weren't feeling this ensemble, but I thought it was cute. A bold statement, but what better place to get a little bold than the Met Gala. Also, Marc Jacobs was the host for the evening and since his latest collection is a tribute to the 1980's this was quite fitting. FYI.

Sure Why Not?: Old Graphic Design Stuff

Even though fashion is the central theme of this blog, I would have to say graphic design has played a major part in my overall composition with wardrobe styling/ art direction and the way I approach color schemes, textiles, matching, etc. Given the fact that I have a dinosaur for a laptop I am a little limited on what I can do these days. But while I was rummaging through the archives the other day I came across a few things I designed and thought I should share. They aren't the best, and I could probably do better now, but whatevs. Enjoy!

I used to design flyers for Paperboy Productions, then my computer ruined everything for me.

So 80's. A little tittay action never hurt no one?

I was doodling around with all the new Photoshop 7.0 paintbrush shapes. Corny, huh?

Twiggy's face. Beastie Boy slogan. I don't know how they relate, but I was 18 and trying to be cool.

New Jack City Thursdays at Baltic Room with the kind people of Resident Media. I liked the shape of this flyer. More club flyers should use this size. It stands out more.

Just some mumbo jumbo. Scribble scrabblwe. Bla bla bla.

I made this for my good friend Kyle Johnson who was showcasing some of his fixie bike photos at Sole Repair.

The Baltic Room's weekly schedule. It never was utilized, but thought it was a cool layout.

When I was designing this flyer I had a serious artistic block. I couldn't think of an icon or image that epitomized gold, goodness, and luxury...then it came to me...Ms. Monroe herself.

Old school feel. Big Daddy Kane style. Classic hip hop image.

Blue Scholars New Years Eve Party a couple years back

Not my best work, but I was young. This got printed and was distributed by BMG label. I was pretty excited to see the album in the flesh at Tower Records, Cellophane, etc.

The first version of this flyer showed Pam Grier's goodies. It was not approved, so I had to PG-13 it a bit.

Last year me, Sunny, and Jannell had a combined birthday party. It was epic!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Trend: Dress in Dye

This summer season I encourage every girl to cloak and soak herself in an array of wonderful colors. What used to be a trend associated with bands such as The Grateful Dead and the hippie era is back with a futuristic twist. Speaking of dye...check out this vintage 80's dress I had 5 years ago. I was digging through the archives and found this picture. I wish I kept it. The perfectly pleated origami folds, the rich vibrant colors, the luscious textile, the smooth fabric. Unfortunately I gave it up on Ebay. Like Heidi Klum would say..."AVITA-ZEIN!"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fashionable Friends!

While I was doing my usual social networking rounds today I found myself admiring the ensembles of some of my friends. I have some pretty stylish friends and I wanted to share all the oooohs and aaahs here on my blog. More fashionable friends fotos to come!

Southbay Hunnies! Suggie, Jane, and Astrid. I miss these girls and am loving how they are all coordinated. High five on the sheer, bodycon dresses, and accents of white! So cute

I have always been a fan of gaudy and outstanding accessories. CB and Naomi are working the red!

Back to Black: Photo shoot with Robert McCadden

I wasn't present at this shoot, but I put together some outfits for it. I am currently working on some ideas for future shoots with Robert McCadden and Fresh Face Stace. Can't wait. More photos from this shoot to come. Enjoy!

Models: Leah Ferrell/ Ford Models
Producer/Photographer: Robert McCadden
Wardrobe Stylist: Osiris Navarro
Hair Stylist: Tsunami Design
Makeup Artist: Fresh Face Stace

Afternoon Dreamers: Photo Shoot Collaboration with Kyle Johnson

Aside from styling I like to be a pat of the creative process. I like to put teams together, cast models, create concepts, etc. Some people like to wing it, but I believe pre-production is key. When I created the storyboard above I wanted to produce a shoot that was natural and platful. I wanted to included neutral tones with subtle pops of color and embraced nature and the essence of youth. I was inspired by a few things; feathers, leather, Little House on the Prairie, old Gunne Sax fashion, and the wonderful dynamic and friendship between girlfriends!

Models: Giselle of SMG/ Phoebe of JRP
Photographer: Kyle Johnson
Art Direction/Wardrobe Stylist: Osiris Navarro
Hair Stylist: Omar Willis of Gene Juarez
Makeup Artist: Calvy Tran
Assistants: Nicholas Bartoletti
Special Thanks: Moksha Clothing and Dolores Gill

Giselle is a natural in front of the camera.

Maxin and relaxin on a grassy knoll. One of my favorite diptychs.

I made this feather headpiece the night before. I thought the red feather would be a nice touch!

Daydreamers. I like to pair vintage pieces with current styles.

Weeping willows are so beautiful. They really set the mood!

The Midas Touch

I have been finding some pretty exceptional golden pieces during my treasure hunts. Although gold accents can be seen as ghetto fab, tacky, or downright obnoxious I think wearing the perfect piece whether its a shoe or handbag can really make a statement. Check out the fabulous pieces below. Please e-mail me at if you would like to purchase anything. I will be re-opening my online store in the next couple of weeks and these items will be up, but if you want first dibs get at me!

Ostrich handbag with matching ostrich shoes. So cute. Get both pieces for $60. This is quite a steal and once this goes up for auction it will go a lot higher.

These shoes are made for dancing. $25 size 7.5

A tray of golden goodies!