Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Food is More Than Just Fuel, It's An Experience

To anyone who knows me, knows that food is my number one passion and interest. I eat, I dine out, I cook, I host feasts, etc. Sadly food is one of my top 3, friends, and food. And sometimes the order of importance varies. Yes I know. These are such gluttonous words, but without food my life would be very bland and boring. The other day my boyfriend and I were talking about food...

Osiris: "Why do you eat boring things?"
Joey: "To me food is just fuel, something to hold me over."
Osiris: "Food is more than just fuel, it's an experience!"

Sometimes Joey opts to eat things such as oatmeal, granola bars, biscuits, know really basic things. Today he voiced his dislike for lobster and crab! Can you believe that? I was shocked. Lobster and crab are sacrificial foods made for Gods. I need to show this boy what he's missing out on.

BBQ ribe, fried chicken, potato salad, and crab & corn salad. A perfect poolside meal at Marina Del Ray. Jealous?

Shrimp gumbo with rice, cornbread, and Cajun seasoned potato salad.

Kabob seasoned to perfection. Garlic hummus that will melt in your mouth and the perfect string of vegetables to add a splash of freshness to the meal. D-lish!

This is the infamous friendship meat pie. Me and my closest friends gather around a couple times a year to devour this.

Honduran entree by Wendee Layco.

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TekkaDon Juan said...

agreed! i eat food, i make food, i write about food, i love food. of course i eat for nourishment, but that is light years from my main motivation: enjoyment.