Monday, December 1, 2008

Coat Check: Black is The New Black

On Wednesday and Thursday nights I am your official coat check girl at See Sound Lounge in Downtown Seattle. For all of you who aren't familiar with the venue, it's a uppity swanky club/ bar that attracts an array of people who have one thing in common: their undying devotion to black coats.

I like to think that my job as the coat check girl is an anthropological approach in terms of fashion and trends in a metropolitan area. On a busy night I check in about 50-100 coats. It's a very simple task for a good chunk of change, but sometimes it gets tricky. At about the 20th coat I start to notice that almost every single coat in my possession is black. Here is the usual dialogue between myself and a customer checking back for their coat.

Me: Hello, can you describe your coat for me please?
Them: It's that black one over there.
Me: Ummm...they're all black. What's the brand?
Them: French Connection

Some coats have a little gray tweed, or silver buttons, or something that offsets the color black, but for the most part they are all still black. Plain and simple. Not to say black is boring or dull, however I think a majority of people are too scared to venture into other colors and patterns. Black is timeless and safe, but don't be surprised if you fade into the crowd with your black peacoat, or if I accidentally hand you back the wrong coat.

Yours truly on a Wednesday night. Come visit! Notice the sea of black behind me. Oooh I spot a white coat! Anyway...below are some sorta black coats of my choice.

Ralph Lauren Fair Isle sweater cape.

Marabou jacket on

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Razzled1 said...

I love Patricia Fields. I loved how you work the coat check into a coat check fashion sense you so cleva!