Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The New Girl At School: Photo Shoot With Christine Hahn

I was in a bit of a scuffle with this photo shoot since I only had 2 days prior to the shoot to pull looks for it, but it all worked out. Christine is so easy to work with that once the day came we did what every fashionista has to do..."make it work". The poster girl that came to mind when I was pulling looks for this photo shoot were...LL Cool J's Round The Way Girl and 1990's Fly Girl. Fun colors and vibrant prints was a reoccurring theme in this set. Enjoy!

Model: Megan Patterson
Producer/Photographer: Christine Hahn
Wardrobe Stylist: Osiris Navarro
Hair Stylist: Tara Zak
Special Thanks: Strut Boutique, Sue the Dog Lady, Moksha Clothing & Accessories.

Plaid is a timeless look that epitomizes higher learning. Plaid means you are so serious about school that it's not even funny. Vintage plaid jacket, hat by Katie Cox.

For a punk chic look match acid washed denim with black lace. If you are feeling zesty enough then screw the bra and bare the goodies. Vest by Richard Blayne, and flower in the ear compliments of the UW campus.

Oversized sweater dresses are comfy and cute! So are these puppies! Sweater circa 1980's Gitano. These dogs smelled like cotton candy.

Dare to wear prints! Whether they are print shapes, animal silk screen prints. Just do it! I wish I could say I styled this dog, but unfortunately I didn't. It's a new avenue I am trying to explore...animal styling.

Round the way girl. Cheap Monday jeans, Members Only jacket. Hot pink and cheetah prints is a killer combo. This girl means business.

"Bamboo earrings, at least two pair"- LL Cool J. Sometimes when you're super matchy it just works. Matching leather gloves with matching shirt, and even a pink folder! Get out of here!

Everyone needs a soft a delicate white blouse. The collar is so sweet and charming that it will make any face look like an angel.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday: Fremont Market

Every Sunday this summer I will be selling goodies at the Fremont Flea Market. I will be selling select items from Moksha Clothing & Accessories (4542 University Way NE) as well as unique vintage dresses, shoes, boots, and bags. My boyfriend Joey will also be selling some of his own designs. I thought about starting my online Ebay store again, but with this great weather I rather be out in the market than indoors on my computer. I will post photos of what I will be selling in the next couple of days. Below are some pics from last week.

Casual vintage dresses from $15
Formal vintage dresses from $20
Casual vintage tops $8 - $10

Vintage leather goods $10 - $15
Vintage belts $3 - $8
Scarves $8 - $12

This Love Is Unorthodox: Photo Shoot Collaboration With Kyle Johnson, Renee McMahon, and Christopher Nelson

I was very fortunate to work on a photo shoot collaboration with a team of talented individuals. Above is the storyboard that Kyle and I came up with. I must say everyone involved conveyed what we had in mind perfectly! When I was casting models for this shoot I visualized a couple with dark and prominent features, an exotic but classic couple reminiscent of old Fellini movies. So when Andrew and Maisie agreed to do the shoot I knew that they would photograph perfectly together!

It was by far one of the most exciting photo shoots I have worked on so far. I think the key to fantastic results and success is collaborating with people who are open to networking and sharing resources. Please click links below to see more of everyone's work! The results were great and it's always interesting to see the perspective of photos from more than one photographer.

Producer/Photographer: Kyle Johnson
Art Direction/Wardrobe Stylist: Osiris Navarro
Photographer/Lighting: Christopher Nelson
Photographer/ Assistant: Renee Mcmahon
Hair Stylist: Omar Willis
Makeup Artist: Calvy Tran
Assistants: Nasir Zubair, Jackie Kingsbury
Models: Andrew & Maisie

What a beauty! Vintage top, and earrings by Justine Levy. (Kyle Johnson)

I love the textures and contrast of colors in this picture. (Renee Mcmahon)

Dress from Moksha, bag by Dolores Gill. (Kyle Johnson)

Maisie in her Sunday's best. (Kyle Johnson)

Old school. (Renee Mcmahon)

This is noir. Vintage dress, and Andrew's own suit. (Kyle Johnson)

The look of a love & hate relationship. (Kyle Johnson)

Shirt by Alfred Lape of LAVSH. (Renee Mcmahon)

I love the color palette of this shot! So good. (Kyle Johnson)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Little Red Hits Old Georgetown: Photo Shoot with Christine Hahn

I got to work with LA based photographer Christine Hahn on this super fun photo shoot. When I was pulling looks for this shoot I tried to stay consistent with the tomboyish theme with subtle girly touches. Plaid was also a common motif in this fashion editorial.

Kirsten of TCM/ Pinkerton
Producer/Photographer: Christine Hahn
Wardrobe Stylist: Osiris Navarro
Hair Stylist: Tara Zak
Makeup Artist: Fresh Face Stace
Special Thanks: Brittany of Strut Boutique, Richard Blayne, Jeanne Culver, Moksha Clothing

A classic boy meets girl look. Use a masculine touch such as a tie or boyfriend fit pants with something super girly like flower earrings and a chic hairstyle.

Layering tops with interesting deep cuts adds a nice dimension to any outfit. This Rojas romper is great for layering v-cut tops.

Turn a t-shirt inside out, pair it some denim cut offs, top it off with a hat, and you're ready to go!

Accessorize your heavy duty jackets with fun quirky pins! Jacket designed by Richard Blayne. Jeans by Cheap Monday. Scooter compliments of street bystanders.

Pair your denim linen jumper with a soft lace top to achieve a dainty but outdoorsy look. This romper is by Rojas. To add dimension to your outfit always experiment with layers and draping pieces.

Who said dresses had to be super girly. This dress is made to wear with rugged and scuffed up boots. Dress designed by my one of my besties...Jeanne Culver. Please contact me for inquiries on her made to order dresses.

I got this hat at a thrift store and it really is the cherry on top to an outfit!

New Shop: Deli Seattle

Visit Deli on 1st and Yesler. This store is showcasing some of my favorite brands; Insight, RVCA. Public School, and more!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ciara in Giant

Ciara is looking mighty fly in the new issue of Giant Magazine. Although she can use a few pointers in her wardrobe decisions at events and public appearances, she killed it in this spread.
I love the art direction and feel of this editorial. I always thought Ciara had the most potential to do high fashion out of all the R&B/ Hip hop princesses. Her strong features, legs for days, and Amazon physique. Sort of like a hybrid of Grace Jones and Diana Ross.