Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crash Course in My Career Choices

I went to the University of Washington and studied Pre-law and Political Science. Sure it was interesting, and for the most part I sounded like a winner when people asked what I was studying. My parents flagged it around because it had a nice ring to it. I seriously thought about law school, mainly because I had a sappy emo phase where I wanted to save the world. That ship has sailed, and the boyfriend who got me into thinking my interests in fashion and celebrity gossip was shallow is nonetheless...a memory.

I was less than ambitious as a student and knew my passion for fashion, food, and fun would override my intentions on goodwill. I really wanted to do something good for the world, but I realized if I'm going to contribute something to the world I'll do it through other ways. You know...throwing a fashion show charity event, or being a publicist for tons of fashion big wigs and encourage them that the more they donate to charity the less they have to pay in taxes. =)

So after I was done with all of my formal education I was a little lost. I was pretty sure my life would suck if I became a lawyer. I would wear ugly suits to work, have gray hairs, get married 2-3 times, and lying would become second nature to me. After I worked as a legal assistant at Sindell & Associates I was convinced that dealing with serious issues such as dividing up an estate, adoption battles, car accidents, and anything and everything that involved people getting hurt was not my cup of tea. No thank you!

After high school I applied to one art school. The only art school I wanted to go to. It was an intimate college in Poulsbo, WA. The campus was gorgeous...a brick castle with a horse pasture. The campus had 300 or so students and only accepted 10 people each quarter. I was accepted at 17 years old and thought I was going to do exactly what I wanted to do. Due to an unfortunate sequence of events that fell through and my life took a totally different route.

When I was 6 years old (circa 1990) I was totally obsessed with House of Style and all of George Michael's high fashion music videos. Cindy Crawford was my idol and I would tear all of her ads in Vogue and sell them for 2 bucks to the boys in my 1st grade classroom. Not only was fashion in my blood, but public relations as well. Who sells Vogue fashion ads at 6 years old? Little Osiris Navarro does.

At 7 years old I wore Jordans and Calvin Klein. At 10 I started to shop at thrift stores, and by 12 I was sporting flare jeans when everyone else was wearing really ugly baggy pants. I won Best Dressed in 8th grade and wore a fox fur coat in 9th grade. I spent my weekends stealing clothes at the mall from 9th-10th grade and advised my fellow peers what colors and brands were cool for the season...I would then do barter exchanges with people with the clothes I stole. By 11th grade I had an epic vintage t-shirt collection ranging from real concert tees in the 1970's of Van Halen, The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, to name a few. By the 12th grade I was writing fashion columns in the school newspaper and I even featured a "Fashion Police" page in the school's yearbook. By my freshman year of college I opened a vintage E-bay site and averaged $500 a week. By my sophomore year of college I found a mint condition 1960's lucite handle Gucci purse.

Yes fashion is a little shallow, but fuck it. I know I'm a good person, a smart person. I care about the war, the economy, politics, as much as the next person, but honestly the most interesting thing to me in the Elections this year was finding out how much Sarah Palin's stylist was making during the campaign. (Shrugs)

Now that I'm 24 years old I have 6 years to make it happen. By that I mean making a name for myself, success, happiness, and a little bit of backstage fame. I'm done wasting my time. So I guess this blog is sort of a testament on my road to success in the industry. Wish me the best!

P.S. When I do make it my first luxury present to myself is going to be...a diamond Crocodile Birkin Bag by Hermes. It was auctioned off for $64,000 in 2005. Imagine how much it is now! Yikes!

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Jimmy J said...

eBay, vintage t-shirts, you sound like my kind of gal.