Friday, October 2, 2009

The Tea Party: Photo Shoot Collaboration with Naomi B., Kyle Johnson, Chris Nelson

My friend Naomi B. is an amazing designer, however...her lifestyle and schedule is not conducive for planning details and things such as look books, fashion shows, press kits, etc. She likes to party and have fun and I'm sort of a grandma and like nights in with my boyfriend. Basically, she sews and designs and I do the rest for her. I guess I am her PR person, brand manager, and little elf all in one package. It works out perfectly! With that said, I produced and did the creative direction for the following photo shoot for her very first look book. It's still in its beta stages, but it was mainly for her portfolio and for her to land a job in NYC. I figure I will piggy back off her future success and fortune. =) Speaking of which, I am sending my good karma her way while she is in New York. Cross your fingers!

Photographers: Kyle Johnson & Christopher Nelson
Creative Director/ Wardrobe Stylist: Osiris Navarro
Makeup Artist: Debbie Maresma
Hair Stylist: Eunice Navarro of Nola Salon
Models: Destiny Delisio of TCM, Michelle Green of Heffner, Rose Renee, and Caryl Cavner
Clothing/ Accessories: Dresses by Naomi B., hats by Katie Cox, Jewelry by Susan Goodwin

Photos by Kyle Johnson