Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amber Rose Is A Goddess: Red Dress, White Carpet

I have such a girl crush on Amber Rose. There is no doubt she stands out in a crowd. Beautiful bald head, that luscious tan, bright white teeth, and curves for days! But aside from all of her characteristics that qualify her as "beautiful", the lady has some serious style. The vixen graced the public with her presence in her stunning little red dress at Elle's 16th Annual Women in Hollywood event. I absolutely love it when the color red is paired with a nude/ khaki tone. An edgy, but ever so classic color combination. This color combination looks like a risk, but is always safe!

Amber Rose always coming correct!

I want to be her best friend.

Photos via Bossip

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Anonymous said...

do you know who makes the dress she's wearing?