Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fashion: Future vs. Flashback, Maybe Both?

For me fashion is not only the future, but a rendition of the past. You see it all the time, every season, and it is a cycle that is inevitable in fashion. Like when the 1980's did the 1920's. Or when the 1990's did the 1960's. Now we're in an era where the 1940's are back in full effect. Could it be a statement of the current economic downfall?

In the October 2009 issue of Seattle Metropolitan Laura Cassidy (fashion editor) and photographer Alex Martinez beautifully portray the 1940's in a futuristic but classic fashion editorial of a chic damsel in her daily ins and outs. Check out a couple of the photos below from the editorial, and for the rest of the story and photos click here

Photos via Seattle Met online.

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