Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Black Magic: Photo Shoot With Christine Hahn

One of my favorite themes for a photo shoot thus far. Sequins + sparkles = magic, black magic that is! When Christine and I were planning this shoot we knew one thing, we wanted to use black! All black! Fierce, deep, and all sorts of drama with whimsical undertones! We wanted it to appear serious, but in a playful and juvenile kind of way.

Below are some of my best vintage finds ever. It's evident that fashion is never really the future, and styles are always recycled and recreated. I can't stop blowing smoke up Christine Hahn's ass, but she is seriously one of the most talented young fashion editorial photographers. And she practices a dying art...film photography. We have worked on 6 photo shoots together and we see eye to eye in a lot of things which makes the work flow so easy.

The model we chose for this shoot is Cassidy. This was her very first shoot and as you can see she looked stunning! I could totally see her in Chloe ad campaigns, Gucci, Prada, etc. This young lady is a face to watch. Move over Jessica Stam and Sasha Pivovarova.

Photographer: Christine Hahn
Wardrobe Stylist: Osiris Navarro
Model: Cassidy Stone
Makeup Artist: Angel Dorr
Hair Stylist: Tara Zak

The magician in her lair cooking up delicious recipes of love potions, sneaky spells, and rebellious concoctions of one teaspoon of licorice, a dollop of sparkle, and a pinch of gold. A voila...black magic! You can't see it, but there is a white rabbit under her hat. Trust.

I found this sequins tuxedo jacket in a flea market. It was from an old Broadway play in the 1940's. I think it was made for a small boy, which resulted into a perfectly fitted jacket for a lady. I had to pair this jacket with a top hat and bowtie, I just had to!

You wouldn't believe it, but this little number is a vintage Jessica McClintock for Gunne Sax dress back in the early 1980's. The sweet heart bustier top is a timeless look for young, sexy, chic. This cut and style still graces the runway 20 years later. Take note of the sparkly detail and gems on the top.

Mesh, sheer, and bodycon is so hot right now, all the designers are doing it. This dress is so delicate but dramatic at the same time. Again a sweetheart top, but with sheer to compliment it.

If you have been keeping up with fashion you know that Balmain does it best when it comes to tight sequins dresses. Quite similar yes? The only difference is this number was only $5. The great thing about sequins dresses is that it's so dramatic that accessories aren't really needed.

The old saying goes...eyes are windows to the soul. That may be true, however a woman's dress is a clear indication of her attitude. Work it Ms. Stone, work it, work it, work it.

I was all sorts of excited when I found this dress. Can you believe I found this dress at a Mormon thrift store? It's true! This dress reminds me of Brian Lichtenberg's Freak Um' dress but with flame cut outs. I still can't believe how lucky I am that I found this piece. I am going to hold on to this dress as a keepsakes and have one of my first celebrity clients wear it, when I reach that point of course.

This outfit was pulled from Moksha Clothing & Accessories. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the boutique for the last 5 years and I can say with confidence that even though Urban Outfitters is next to Moksha in the UW District, that Moksha is always a year and a half ahead of Urban Outfitters. It's true. Reconstructed vintage top, and high waisted Obey shorts.

There is a reason why black is the most fashionable color of all time. It never goes out of style, it has a slimming effect, it is seen in power suits, or in little black dresses, it is flirty, it is mysterious, it is dark, but it also offers contrast. Black is always back and black is always the new black. And for what it's worth, you can never go wrong with this color.

I remember when Forever 21 jumped on the vintage revival bandwagon. I was excited about it, but also kinda annoyed with it. They tried to recreate these sequins disco butterfly blouses, but didn't replicate it quite right. I got this butterfly top for a whopping $4 and everything about it is beautiful. It drapes wonderfully over the shoulders, shows just enough mid drift when you walk. I thought it might be too much pairing this top with American Apparel lame tights, but it worked out.

Black magic is no magic at all without feathers. I think feathers are here to stay...forever.


Anonymous said...

Great looks and wonderful photography & looks! Beautiful model...her first time...no way! Congratulations everyone!

Tonhya said...

lady these are amazing. your styling is perfect. love it.


Osiris The Great said...

Thank you Tonhya!

rachel lee said...

i think i love EVERYTHING.... pls donate sequins to the "rachel needs new amazing clothes" fund.

Osiris The Great said...

You want sequins? I have sequins!

bobbie yanoupeth said...

i love it!!!!! i love photoshoots in the middle of grassy fields, while looking super glamorous!!!!! you are amazing!!!! come to new york!!! the dynamic duo (tripod if errickson was coming too)!

Osiris The Great said...

Bobbie, you should link up with Rachel Lee. She's in Brooklyn too and is a photographer. The circle of friends grows!