Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sure Why Not?: Old Graphic Design Stuff

Even though fashion is the central theme of this blog, I would have to say graphic design has played a major part in my overall composition with wardrobe styling/ art direction and the way I approach color schemes, textiles, matching, etc. Given the fact that I have a dinosaur for a laptop I am a little limited on what I can do these days. But while I was rummaging through the archives the other day I came across a few things I designed and thought I should share. They aren't the best, and I could probably do better now, but whatevs. Enjoy!

I used to design flyers for Paperboy Productions, then my computer ruined everything for me.

So 80's. A little tittay action never hurt no one?

I was doodling around with all the new Photoshop 7.0 paintbrush shapes. Corny, huh?

Twiggy's face. Beastie Boy slogan. I don't know how they relate, but I was 18 and trying to be cool.

New Jack City Thursdays at Baltic Room with the kind people of Resident Media. I liked the shape of this flyer. More club flyers should use this size. It stands out more.

Just some mumbo jumbo. Scribble scrabblwe. Bla bla bla.

I made this for my good friend Kyle Johnson who was showcasing some of his fixie bike photos at Sole Repair.

The Baltic Room's weekly schedule. It never was utilized, but thought it was a cool layout.

When I was designing this flyer I had a serious artistic block. I couldn't think of an icon or image that epitomized gold, goodness, and luxury...then it came to me...Ms. Monroe herself.

Old school feel. Big Daddy Kane style. Classic hip hop image.

Blue Scholars New Years Eve Party a couple years back

Not my best work, but I was young. This got printed and was distributed by BMG label. I was pretty excited to see the album in the flesh at Tower Records, Cellophane, etc.

The first version of this flyer showed Pam Grier's goodies. It was not approved, so I had to PG-13 it a bit.

Last year me, Sunny, and Jannell had a combined birthday party. It was epic!

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Nice layout skills! Show some more of if you have to show.