Monday, July 13, 2009

The Great Pacific Northwest: Photo Shoot Collaboration with Kyle Johnson

Before Kyle left for his road trip we wanted to squeeze just one more photo shoot in. For awhile now, Kyle and I wanted to do a tribute shoot to the Pacific Northwest. What better way to depict the place we know and love with things such a Pendleton plaid, tattoos, nature, wood, etc. It's very Seattle, but that is the point.

We didn't want to cast models from the agencies or anyone who was picture perfect. We wanted to show real friends, real people, raw energy and relationships on camera. So we decided to use Zach, Ivre, and Shannon. They are real life BFFS!

Photographer: Kyle Johnson
Art Direction/ Wardrobe Stylist: Osiris Navarro
Makeup Artist: Angel Dorr
Special Thanks: Katie Bailey for showcasing her jewlery "Lazer Nature", Naomi for letting us use her backyard, and our lovely models Ivre, Zac, and Shannon.

Summertime in the Pacific Northwest. Happiness and sunshine!

Shannon hanging out and rockin the Lazer Nature.

Lazer Nature earrings by Katie Bailey. She was so kind to give this pair to Shannon. Please e-mail me about any inquiries about Lazer Nature products.

My favorite piece from the collection. Wine dyed leaves. How pretty.

Plaid vests compliments of Moksha Clothing.

Those pointy shoes are so 1993 and I am so loving it.

Fly away!

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