Monday, January 3, 2011

My Greatest Regrets in 2010

We all have regrets. Here are mine from 2010 in no particular order. Loaning clothes, losing earrings, saying yes, and passing things up. They might not be that serious, but it still keeps me up at night.

* Clothing Bank; I loaned some clothing to a photographer for her photo shoot several months ago. We were suppose to meet up so I could get my wardrobe back, but before we could she moved across the country. I have contacted her over and over again via e-mail, phone, text, Facebook, but no reply. I see her status updates, I see her on my G-chat list, so I know she's getting my messages. Mind you I loaned her some of my favorite and most coveted pieces. It makes my stomach turn to think I will never see these three pieces ever again. I have contemplated putting her on blast on the Internet, but fuck it. All I wanted was a response back?! New rules apply in 2011; down payment and rental fees if you are anyone but Kyle Johnson.

* Night Stands; Co-ed slumber parties in 2010 served as a sucking black portal hole of all my best earrings and other accessories. Of course you want to wear all your bling and sparkle when you're going to see that special person of that moment, but beware of what you leave behind before you get too cozy. Note: if you are going to sleep over a guy's house don't ever leave your shit on the night stand or the bathroom counter. Chances are shit might hit the fan and you can kiss those sweet Bamboo earrings you got at the Compton swap meet goodbye. I'm stepping up my accessory game in 2011 and this time I have a better game plan to make sure I don't have any casualties in my treasure chest, and it's called celibacy.

* Yes Mam; I did it all for love in 2010, but I'm doing it all for money in 2011. Let's just say I invested a lot of time in projects and test shoots because I wanted to be nice. I did a lot of things for free or for cheap because people were my friends or didn't have a "budget". I want to help all my friends or anyone for that matter who are passionate about making it. But there comes a point where you need to draw the line and know your worth. I've paid my dues and built my portfolio. I love playing dress up, but I also love making money. So if you can't pay to play with me keep it moving...

* Burnout Velvet Kimono; I do not fuck with the masses, long lines, or hype. So when I got VIP passes to the Goodwill Glitter Sale private pre-sale I was so ecstatic. I got a blue fox fur vest, draped sequins cardigan, caged black sequins mini, and a 70's faux leopard jacket. However I did not get that beautiful burnout velvet kimono w/ the peacock pattern. Did I mention I'm obsessed with peacocks? It was only $50, and they sell for $200-$600 a pop online. Why didn't I get it?! I was too consumed with the furs and sparkles, that I overlooked the velvet. The one that got away. I can only hope this is how my ex's feel, but doubt it. Sigh.


Rensche Mari said...

Just started reading your blog :) Love it! hope you have fewer regrets this year. I started doing it for the money in 2010 and I have to tell you, you soon realize that friends and family actually will support you when you ask a higher price, especially if they are going to get a great end result.

Osiris Navarro said...

With regrets come resolutions! Thanks for stopping by =) Happy New Year Rensche!

Anonymous said...

It's spelled faux fur not 'fox' fur and it's pronounced "fow". It's the french word for fake. I like what you're doing you are very talented I just hate to see you miss opportunities because of all that ego. You come off as pretty arrogant in your "about me" section writing it in the frist person. Maybe not wise to do this you always want to show you are able to work well with others. If you are your opening line doesn't show it. I would recommend collaborating with someone (not on a project) but for business matters so you can see things from an entreprenurial point of view and actually make money from your unique set of talents. Best of luck Osiris.

Osiris Navarro said...

Hello Anonymous. It was fox. Like fox the animal, not faux for fake. Blue fox is what the tag said.

And I have thought about editing the side bar for some time now. Currently working on some rough drafts at the moment and having someone else write it for me so there isn't any arrogance or bias.

You should have seen what it used to say before the "ego". Then a mentor told me to be more confident, so I guess I'm trying to find a balance.

Thank you for the insight! Always learning, always open.

Happy 2011.