Sunday, January 9, 2011

My First Client in Personal Styling

Meet Cilantro. My first client in personal styling. He currently does not have any clothes. Only a pair of white undies. He had some sleek black shoes at one point, but after a wild night of karaoke at Bush Gardens those shoes are no longer. Just a little rundown about where Cilantro is in his life right now. He just got a promotion at The Treats Club and is now H.B.I.C.! He was also approached by Count Darkalino to help promote Batch 206 Vodka. But in order for Cilantro to move forward in his professional life he is going to need the proper attire. It's not easy finding clothes for a man of unique proportions, but I'm trying my best. If you have any leads of where we can find some gourmet linens please let me know!

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