Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Winter feels easy when you live one block away from work and surround yourself with good friends, wear chunky knits, and eat tons of comfort food. Currently on a whiskey and soups diet. Avoiding ex-lovers like the bubonic plague, reconsidering friendships, and opening doors to strangers. A couple of things on my to do list this winter; make a batch of eggnog, take a tour down Candy Cane Lane, weekend at my family's cabin, hot yoga on the regular, and replace my drawstring army green jacket.

2008 is still great

Band of Outsiders

Running wild
Coat on ModCloth that I want but don't need
Private Squirrel
Rugby by Ralph Lauren. So obsessed
Cozy and warm
I like her better when she dresses like a commoner
Filson is big in Japan
Old is new again


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see that you removed that awesome photo of you against the green background. I mean really?
Nice site, keep up the good work!

Osiris Navarro said...

Had the wall been wood or plaid I would have kept it up, but it just didn't match or go with the rest of the pictures. Thank you though! xo

Anonymous said...

hmm... how about using your mad PShop skills to replace the green backdrop with Pendleton plaid?