Monday, December 20, 2010

The Greatest Resolutions for 2011

I don't really like the sound of "resolutions", but December 31st or not, I make resolutions formally known as to-do lists all the time. I'm a creature of organization, a lady of progress, and one who likes to create. Below are some things on my check list that will help "Osiris The Great" grow as a better fashion/ creative consultant.

1) Design Work; Thanks to my best friend Phil I am now operating on a Macbook. I'm still getting used to it, but it makes more sense if I want to take graphic design and art direction more seriously. I would like to make 1-2 creative digital projects a week. If not for work, just for fun. I want to keep the momentum going...
CMYK + Helvetica, some key elements in graphic design. I did this a couple years ago.

2) Photography; Pretty bummed I broke my Nikon D70 awhile ago, but working on getting a new camera. I'm by no means a "photographer", but I have an eye for things. Besides, I want to better document my life and all the fun I'm having. If I have a concept or an outfit I want to capture it would be nice to just shoot it myself rather than bothering someone.
Took this photo when I went to Puerto Rico back in 2007. I have always loved Volvos.

3) Online Shop; Still deciding whether I want to go with Ebay or Etsy, but I want to star selling some of my vintage pieces online again. I did pretty well through Ebay a couple years ago, but not sure how much it has changed since. I have so much stuff!
Cute vintage sweater I got for $1 and flipped for $82. Trying to get my e-commerce hustle back on track.

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