Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

I should probably be writing this letter to Jesus, but this letter is not to redeem me from my sins, but more so just a recap...a little FYI. It's no secret, that I have been a naughty child in 2010. Some call it the year of the Tiger, I call it the year of me reclaiming my inner animal...The Rat. Can I live? I didn't go to church not once. I drank way too much Jameson. Not to mention I was in the middle of not one, but two love triangles. I broke a bunch of shit. My window screen, some wine glasses, my celibacy vow, a couple of hearts, and someones nose. I did a lot of questionable things that I'm not proud of, but also not ashamed of. I don't really have a wish list, more so special requests also known as prayers? Like I said I should probably sending this memo to Young Jeez, but maybe you can relay the message. All I want for Christmas is everything I already have and a bag of chips. I want to feel this happiness I feel for years to come. I want to stay motivated and open. If my wardrobe continues to grow, I won't complain. I want to keep meeting amazing and creative people. I want to keep cooking for my friends 2-5 times a week. And I would love for my family to keep encouraging me in all of my endeavors. In a nutshell I want to keep having excessive amounts of fun with the people that matter to me most, while keeping busy, while moving forward. Is that too much to ask. Thanks for listening. Send my love to the reindeer, elves, and yo wifey too.

The Warmest of All Regards,
Osiris The Great

My dog Lola on her first Christmas!