Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter's End: Photo Shoot w/ Christine Hahn, Featuring Taylor Aflen

Always a pleasure to work with the talented Christine Hahn. This time I thought it would be fun to invite my friend and fellow stylist Sandy Phan along. She brought some of her pieces, I brought mine, and Christine coughed up some fur...and voila...a winter wonderland editorial. Taylor Aflen of SMG shines in this shoot. A classic beauty indeed. When I was doing some of the pre-production for wardrobe I wanted to highlight rich and savory colors such as hunter green, burgundy, burnt orange, with complimentary nude tones.

Photographer: Christine Hahn
Model: Taylor Aflen of SMG
Stylist: Osiris Navarro w/ Sandy Phan
Hair: Meghan Oliberos
MUA: Angel Dorr

Sandy put this look together. I added the gloves, tights, and shoes.

How amazing is this big ass log?

I put this outfit together months prior to this shoot waiting for the perfect editorial to come along. I'm really into velvet right now!

Monochromatic outfit. This is seriously my favorite sweater of all time. Paired with a long cream gown with lace bodice.

The richness of this green makes her eyes pop. Gorgeous.

I totally scored on this vintage crochet sweater. The scalloped sleeves and trim are to die for.

The second monochromatic look for this series.

Chiffon swing skirt from Sandy's closet.

Tying back the rich hunter green in this series with this look.

This final outfit was thrown in last minute