Monday, November 2, 2009

Secret Style: 21 Arrondissement

For the love of Jesus, Mary, Joseph...Seattle isn't that fashionably inept. Sure this city has a handful of people who show great effort, but poor execution when it comes to dressing themselves, however there are also some pretty stylish people. Maybe they're tourists or just passing through town, or perhaps they're transplants, but the fact is...they are around. Far and few in between, but if you look closely they are there. Sometimes its not as obvious as one might think. A sleek leather jacket, classic Oxfords, cashmere scarf, and skinny tie. Or simple sweater dress, motorcycle boots, denim jacket, and black shades. Very simple, sleek, but nonetheless...these people have style. Want living proof? Check out my new favorite Seattle Street Style blog: 21 Arrondissement. Long lived Pike & Pine, and DiscoFunBath, but we have a new eye on the prowl capturing some of Seattle's fashionably conscious people. One can only hope that the perception of Seattle style to people in other cities or countries isn't one that includes Birkenstocks, REI, Northface, and Nalgene bottles.

Adam Sinding is a saint for creating this blog and is saving the face of Seattle! Please check the blog 2-3 times a week for constant fashion reassurance.