Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paprika: Photo Shoot with Christine Hahn

The weather was so suspect the day of the shoot. But this is Seattle, and we get all the seasons in the span of one week. The initial looks for the shoot were more summery. Hints of pink, chartreuse, and teal, but it just didn't fit the mood of the day. So we switched up the color scheme and motif a bit and I pulled the following looks.

Photographer: Christine Hahn
Model: Brittany Hartman from TCM
Stylist: Osiris Navarro
Hair: Mallory Hinkley
MUA: Kay Matthews

I am so inspired by the 1940's right now. I wanted to go for a classic suit look that wasn't monotone. High waisted tweed trousers, vintage 40's cowl neck top with silver clasps, and mustard yellow boyfriend fit blazer.

I didn't know this until I put the jacket on Brittany, but mustard yellow tones look fabulous on redheads. Such a warm and rich color offset.

I like to tie in colors when I style editorials, hence the mustard yellow hat and the yellow shades in the top. This look is similar to the first in the sense that it's a bit tomboyish. I paired high waisted trouser pants with a sheer billowy chiffon top. Looks so chic when the blouse is tucked in. A more casual weekend look.

I like doing tomboyish looks with girly elements. Such as this outfit with gold buckle platforms. Thanks to Erica Asahan from Gotta Have Shoes for letting me borrow these shoes.

Vertical stripes are so much fun.

I wore this outfit once to a photo shoot I was styling and got a great deal of compliments on it. I guess I sort of cheated when I pulled this look for this shoot, but I think Brittany wore it best. The blouse used to be a dress but I recently altered it and hemmed it. The waistline looks a bit awkward so its best to wear this blouse with a high waisted skirt.

Scalloped details, polka dots, and delicate little floral skinny belts.

Hunter green garments on redheads is the oldest trick in the book. But it always seems to work! Check out the lucite handle Gucci bag. Gorgeous! Scored that baby for $25 at a rummage sale.

While I enjoy pulling pieces from new designers and stores my true love is in vintage designer fashion. There is something about the way a dress is cut and sewn. And every piece I collect has a story of its own.


bobbie yanoupeth said...

i love the story that you created with the clothing. it is like watching a great old movie. i love it. your work is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love this! BUT, I do have a think for redheads!


Razzled1 said...

Beautiful & timeless.

Osiris The Great said...

Where in the world is Jeanne Culver?

dana said...

You did an amazing job styling this shoot. The clothes say so much.

Market Publique said...

Gorgeous! I want everything she's wearing!
Is the striped top vintage? I gotta have that, the red dress and the green dress - I doubt you'd sell that Gucci score, but a girl can dream, right??
I'm planning a shoot with a redhead in January, and will totally steal (but credit you, of course) your mustard trick.

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