Thursday, January 28, 2010

Smells Like Teen Spirit: Teens With Cameras

Has anyone else noticed that there's this phenomenon with teenage photographers snapping some seriously gorgeous pictures? Gorgeous in the likes of fashion magazine worthy! Thanks to Flickr, Tumblr, and all sorts of social media these teenage hopefuls can take their talents by storm and actually get some recognition. They don't have to rub elbows at some industry party or climb the ladder, they just snap their pictures, post them online for the world to see, and voila! This phenomenon makes you wonder a bit. Teenagers who got their grubby little hands on an expensive camera? Or is it simply raw talent? Personally, I think the latter. There is a sense of freedom and wonderment when you're young and creating. Anything goes! See for yourself...

Nirimi Joy Hakanson- 17 year old Aussie. She is so legit that she is even represented by Look Management and Production. She's one of the only redeeming factors on the frowned upon networking site Model Mayhem. See more of her work on her Flickr.

Jonathan Wolpert- 16 years old. Already featured on one of the most credible fashion sources Refinery 29 and named a fashion prodigy. Mr. Wolpert is on his way and what I predict to be the next Jimmy Fontaine and Jason Lee Parry. Check out his Flickr.

Chrissie White- 16 year old based in Seattle, WA. Already generating quite the local buzz and making adult photographers say "WTF?!" Chrissie White already has a distinct style and has nailed "surrealism" in her photography. Also on Flickr.


Lisa said...

This is such a cool blog. Love all the great photos!

Teigan said...

umm wow!!! i love the upside down shot!!! love your blog i am so happy i came across it!!! =)

Noelle said...

You could and most people the most expensive camera in the world and if they don't have an eye they won't get anything different except what they'd get with a point and shoot. This is pure, raw talent!

Great blog, Osiris!