Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Love Is Unorthodox: Photo Shoot Collaboration With Kyle Johnson, Renee McMahon, and Christopher Nelson

I was very fortunate to work on a photo shoot collaboration with a team of talented individuals. Above is the storyboard that Kyle and I came up with. I must say everyone involved conveyed what we had in mind perfectly! When I was casting models for this shoot I visualized a couple with dark and prominent features, an exotic but classic couple reminiscent of old Fellini movies. So when Andrew and Maisie agreed to do the shoot I knew that they would photograph perfectly together!

It was by far one of the most exciting photo shoots I have worked on so far. I think the key to fantastic results and success is collaborating with people who are open to networking and sharing resources. Please click links below to see more of everyone's work! The results were great and it's always interesting to see the perspective of photos from more than one photographer.

Producer/Photographer: Kyle Johnson
Art Direction/Wardrobe Stylist: Osiris Navarro
Photographer/Lighting: Christopher Nelson
Photographer/ Assistant: Renee Mcmahon
Hair Stylist: Omar Willis
Makeup Artist: Calvy Tran
Assistants: Nasir Zubair, Jackie Kingsbury
Models: Andrew & Maisie

What a beauty! Vintage top, and earrings by Justine Levy. (Kyle Johnson)

I love the textures and contrast of colors in this picture. (Renee Mcmahon)

Dress from Moksha, bag by Dolores Gill. (Kyle Johnson)

Maisie in her Sunday's best. (Kyle Johnson)

Old school. (Renee Mcmahon)

This is noir. Vintage dress, and Andrew's own suit. (Kyle Johnson)

The look of a love & hate relationship. (Kyle Johnson)

Shirt by Alfred Lape of LAVSH. (Renee Mcmahon)

I love the color palette of this shot! So good. (Kyle Johnson)

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