Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday: Fremont Market

Every Sunday this summer I will be selling goodies at the Fremont Flea Market. I will be selling select items from Moksha Clothing & Accessories (4542 University Way NE) as well as unique vintage dresses, shoes, boots, and bags. My boyfriend Joey will also be selling some of his own designs. I thought about starting my online Ebay store again, but with this great weather I rather be out in the market than indoors on my computer. I will post photos of what I will be selling in the next couple of days. Below are some pics from last week.

Casual vintage dresses from $15
Formal vintage dresses from $20
Casual vintage tops $8 - $10

Vintage leather goods $10 - $15
Vintage belts $3 - $8
Scarves $8 - $12

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VonBytch said...

Awww man you should start your online store tooo!!! Maybe after the summer? hehe