Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Styling and Storyboard: Garden Photo Shoot

A year or so ago when I decided to style a few photo shoots for fun. I was pretty laid back and casual about it. I'd stuff a suitcase with random stuff and just coordinate the looks on set. These days I am applying my OCD in my wardrobe styling and putting a lot more thought into it. I am creating storyboards, pulling from a number of different places, drafting out color schemes, and alas putting the outfits together on a mannequin prior to the shoot. Anyway, I am preparing for Friday's photo shoot with local photographer Kyle Johnson, makeup artist Calvy Tran, and beautiful young fresh face model from Portland Oregon by the name of Mama Wolf. Below are 5 outfits I've put together so far. I am working on 2 more, but time permitting, we will most likely only get 4-5 looks in. I can't wait to see how it all works out.

1) Originally this nightgown was a stained yellow, however when I saw it I knew there was so much potential in this piece. I'm happy I dyed it purple and since the lace didn't dye the exact same color as the rest of the dress it adds a nice effect.

2) A burnt orange ensemble with gold and black belt brings out the rich and luxurious colors of this dress and this look will tie the entire fashion editorial together.

3) Two dresses in one. I wanted to incorporate the mix match floral concept and I thought the contrast of small floral bud prints versus big printed blossoms would be an interesting look.

4) I wanted to go for a fun and chic summer look and used this floral bathing suit as a top with a high waisted skirt, paired with the gold and black belt.

5) Velvet painted tube top with deep purple skirt paired with green leather belt. This is one of the more subtle looks of the bunch, but it will flatter any figure and body type.

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