Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go: Photo Shoot With Kyle Johnson & Patrick Wright

When I created the storyboard above I had a housewife in mind. Usually housewives are depicted as cookie cutter 1950's homemakers, so I wanted to do a different spin. The concept of the photo shoot included elements from The Graduate, Real Desperate Housewives, art inspired clothing, beautiful artwork, etc. I chose long flowy dresses that were glamorous but simple. I also used dresses with interesting artistic textiles.

Model: Shealeen Hager of SMG
Producer/Photographer: Kyle Johnson
Photographer/Lighting: Patrick Wright
Art Direction/Wardrobe Stylist: Osiris Navarro
Hair Stylist: Omar Willis
Makeup Artist: Stacy Meyers

I love the contrast of black and white in this photo. (Patrick Wright)

Starry Night vintage dress, necklace designed by my good friend Justine Levy. (Patrick Wright)

Necklace by my good friend Justine Levy. It goes perfectly with the dress. (Patrick Wright)

My intuition was telling me to bring this 1950s Vogue Original Paris dress. Once we got the location I was taken aback that this painting was perfectly coordinated with the outfit! So unplanned, but it worked out. (Patrick Wright)

Those piercing blue eyes! Bling compliments of Dolores Gill. Stacey Meyers is a makeup genius! (Kyle Johnson)

I have been waiting for the perfect woman to wear this dress, then along came Shealeen. (Kyle Johnson)

Aquamarine Beauty. (Kyle Johnson)

Curious and waiting. (Kyle Johnson)

Back to Black. (Kyle Johnson)