Friday, December 11, 2009

Everything Old is New Again: Cathy Metschar Model Turned Photographer

I think every fashion obsessed woman can recall their defining moment where "liking" a pair of shoes turned into "loving" a pair of shoes and where shopping was no longer a "hobby", but an "addiction". My moment took place circa 1990. I was 6 years old. I wore red overalls, floral rompers, Hypercolor, and LA Gear. Supermodels were all the rage, Herb Ritts photos were everywhere, and I'd be damn if I missed an episode of "House of Style" hosted by Cindy Crawford.

It's no wonder why I felt all sorts of giddy and excited when I met Cathy Metschar. She was gracing pages of French Vogue, British Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, etc. at the peak of the "supermodel" craze...a time in my life that I always feel sentimental and nostalgic about.

Below are some photos Cathy has shared with me. These photos make my heart flutter with inspiration. The same kind of feeling I felt when I was just 6 years old browsing through Vogue. Sigh...It's amazing to see how current some of these tear sheets look when they were almost 20 years ago. I think I want to recreate some of these shoots.

Isn't this just magical! So chic, so playful, so Parisian. I love the movement and expression of this photo.

Ok, is it me or does this outfit look a little Balmain, a little Alexander Wang, a little bit of this and that from what you see in runways today.

Look at those amazing rose shaped sleeves. Couture in the 90's!

Before Teen Vogue, there was Miss Vogue. I have been wanting to style a "southwestern" kind of shoot for quite some time now. With lots of denim...I think this photo will be the inspiration.

Cathy's life has changed a lot since her modeling days and the fabulous mother and wife is still actively involved in creating beautiful images...but this time behind the camera. Cathy and her husband Frank own a children photography studio...Bambini Kids! Check out their site and spread the word.

Frank and Cathy's muse of Bambini Kids...their very own bambini...Chloe Metschar! They also have a blog about their