Thursday, April 30, 2009

Featured Local Models : The Sweet, The Sassy, and The Sexy

I could never be a model. I'm 5'2" and my measurements are very...sausage like. Flat chested, big bellied, and love handles for days. Sure I'm "cute", but nevertheless I am plump! However, I'm not insecure about it. I love fashion, but I love food just as much. My two passions conflict, that's why I opt to work behind the scenes of fashion instead. I love my cupcakes, all fat mocha, and hamburgers past midnight. With that said, I can appreciate beauty in the 5'8" and above, and the 32-24-34 physique.

I was able to work with a number of beautiful models the past couple of months and I have developed a roster of "favorites". Some who are signed with an agency, and some who are not. I hope they don't mind this little shout out.

Meet Giselle. This young, vibrant actress/ model is someone I can picture in Teen Vogue. I would compare her to Kristen Dunst. I would recommend her to any designer and photographer any day. Photo by Evan Carlye.

Meet Ashley Chanel. She is an exotic beauty mixed Japanese and Spanish. Great on the runway, perfect in front of the camera, and a face of an angel. I could see her gracing the pages of Nylon Magazine and ads for any mainstream beauty line.

Meet Zjanna. This Romanian beauty has it all. The height, the bubbly personality, and legs for miles. She brought the crowd at SFW to their feet when she came out in Logan Neitzel's finale piece. Love her! Photo by Barry Druxman.

This concludes my first installment of Favorite Local Models! More lovely ladies to come.

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kjade said...

this isn't so much about models, but more about obsession with food and fashion (i'm afflicted as well). i really enjoy reading (you prolly do already). she has a very interesting eye and makes some rad food, too.