Saturday, January 24, 2009

Clise Mansion Photoshoot

On Tuesday a group of photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and models joined forces in a pool photo shoot. The concept of the photo shoot was to use the same and see all the different outcomes through pictures. It was an interesting way to capture perspective. It was cold as ice, and foggy like it is in scary movies, but overall a perfect day for photo taking. Below are some photos of yours truly. I didn't get to do much styling for other people this time around, so I just dressed myself. To see other photos from the shoot visit the Clise Mansion Flickr

Dark Horse. Photo by Kyle Johnson.

A very Alice in Wonderland moment. Photo by Kyle Johnson.

Eye see you. Photo by Kyle Johnson.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos. Cute face and

rachel lee said...

aww look at those cheeks!
from an ex model/photographer to an aspiring amateur model: a bit of critique~ i like the very top photo... it has a little bit of expression in your face. the rest just seem blank. keep working on it!

Osiris The Great said...

haha i am by no means trying to pursuit a modeling career...far from that. so more blank faces to come! thanks though.